ANALOG TAPE TRANSFERS:  Fivethirteen is equipped with multiple tape decks, and can accommodate your analog transfer needs. Ship us your 2" or 1/2" tapes of any manufacture, or bring them by!  Baking is included in our transfer rates, in case your reels are from a crusty bygone era. Call or Email us for more details, payment options, and shipping information. 

TRANSFER TAPE DECKS:   MARA Sony/MCI JH 24 Track 2" (15ips & 30ips speeds)  STUDER A80 Master 2 Track 1/2" (15ips & 30ips speeds)

TRANSFER A/D's:   2" -- BURL MOTHERSHIP  (24 inputs)  1/2" -- BURL B2 BOMBER  (Stereo)

TRANSFER RATES:   2" -- $50.00 per song or $200.00 a reel   1/2" -- $25.00 per song or $100.00 a reel  (Return shipping included on all reels)