THE FIVETHIRTEEN FAMILY: We're a pretty laid back bunch, but we're all in it for the same reasons. We almost always work as a team of two or more, bringing our own unique talents to the control room. If you see us out, say hi and chat with us about recording, music, or whatever comes to mind. Send us an email sometime. Our biggest concern is that you leave happy. Simple as that.

CATHERINE VERICOLLI: Owner, engineer, manager, and the one who will most likely talk to you about scheduling, rates, and whatever other questions you may have about booking a project at Fivethirteen. Catherine has headed all console installations and outboard wiring since the studio's first console and 2" machine in 2006, and is more or less an analog purist. She also writes for various pro audio publications, and teaches a few classes at The Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences.

DOMINIC ARMSTRONG: Dominic was hired as Fivethirteen's assistant engineer out of an internship in 2013, and moved into a staff engineer position shortly after. Dom got his start in Chicago at Electrical Audio in 2010, and has a world of experience tracking and mixing every genre imaginable. Producer, engineer, and drummer- Dom is a jack of all trades. 

MIKE HISSONG: Mike began his Fivethirteen house engineer run when he showed up as a guest engineer on a project in '06 and never left. With over 20 years of studio experience in his pocket, it's safe to say Mike can handle pretty much anything that's thrown at him. Mike also molds young minds as a audio recording instructor at various educational institutes in the city. 

RUFUS: Rufus is a Chinese Crested Beagle mix. He's probably the most loved member of our staff. He's also a dog in case there was any confusion.

GUESTS: Fivethirteen welcomes guest engineers locally and nationally as a destination studio. Please inquire for details.  Local guests include: Michael Krassner, Matt Keller, David Nichols, and George White.