Thank you for choosing Fivethirteen for your project! If you have found yourself on this page, it’s because you’ve been in for a studio walk through and have chosen session dates. Below you’ll find all the info you’ll need to prepare for your session.

Interested in financing your project through Square? Visit the following link:
Paying a deposit online with a card?
Please refer to the Square Invoice email you’ve been sent.
Tracking to tape and need ordering info? Please send us an email! We’ll give you all the information you’ll need for quantity and where to order.


TUNE YOUR DRUM KIT. Untuned kits are the biggest time sucker in tracking sessions. If you need your kit tuned, we offer this service. If you have any questions about drum tuning, we’re more than happy to answer them! Also-

NO DEAD HEADS. This is not a Grateful Dead reference. It’s a reference to your drum heads. Used heads are fine, but dead or broken heads are not. New heads are preferred but not required. Not sure which heads to buy? Please ask! 

BRING ALL OF YOUR DRUM HARDWARE. If you’re in need of something, we may have it! Please let us know before the session if you are missing or would like to request something. Check to make sure that all of your lugs and attachments are secure to prevent unnecessary rattle and hum. 

PREPARE YOUR STRINGED INSTRUMENT. Please make sure your guitars and other stringed instruments are set up properly. We recommend bringing an extra set of strings as well. Need a set up? Please visit the studio’s link page for more info.

PLEASE TRY TO BE ON TIME FOR YOUR SESSIONS. You’re paying for the time, so you may as well use all of it. 

PARKING. There’s plenty of street parking. Please park in the direction of traffic, with both tires off of the sidewalk. Otherwise the City Of Tempe will ticket you. 

CLICK TRACKS. We highly, highly recommend practicing to a click track if you don’t already. Clicks make editing much easier and less time consuming for us, which means less money for you. There are multiple free click track/bpm phone apps that will do the trick. A phone jack headphone out to the drummer is a good way to practice. 

MIX ATTENDANCE. If everyone in the band has a hard make or break opinion on a final mix, then everyone in the band should be in attendance for that mix at some point. The first few hours of a mix session can be tedious, and we often prefer that we get this part out of the way on our own. However, if you don’t show at all then there won’t be much sympathy in regards to your qualms.

PLEASE CREDIT US AND THE STUDIO’S NAME PROPERLY. Proper credits are essential to engineering resumes and continued studio business. PROPER CREDITING IS: 

Studio’s name  -  “Fivethirteen Recording”  OR  “Fivethirteen” 
Our names  -
  Dominic Armstrong  /  Catherine Vericolli  /  Mike Hissong

SPEAK UP. Our job is to help you make something that you leave happy with. We will ask you what you think, and when we do, please be honest with us! It’s unlikely that you’ll hurt our feelings. We don’t have feelings. 


NO SMOKING INSIDE THE HOUSE OR INSIDE THE STUDIO. Please smoke all you’d like outside on the front or back patios. 

NO HARD DRUGS. Weed and alcohol are fine. Please keep everything else at home.

NO GUNS OR WEAPONS. You will be asked to leave immediately. 

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GEOTAG THE STUDIO’S LOCATION. We ask this for obvious security reasons. We like our things and would prefer to keep them. We also like your things, and would prefer them to be safe overnight if need be. We also ask that you do not share the studio’s address with anyone who is non essential personnel to the session. Guests are absolutely welcome if we know ahead of time. However, please tag us on social media! Our Instagram handle is: @fivethirteenrecording. Dominic’s is: @dominic.armstrong. Our Facebook page can be found as “Fivethirteen Recording Studios.”

NO PETS OR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12. In general, recording studios are not kid friendly and we would feel pretty terrible if something went wrong in this department. If your pet is over the age of 12, they’re still not allowed. 

OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS ARE FINE. Please use our fridge! It’s preferable that you do not eat anything other than dry snacks in the studios. Drinks in the studios are fine, but please do not set them on anything that you can’t personally afford to replace. 

DO NOT LET THE CAT INSIDE THE HOUSE. She will destroy something.

DO NOT FEED THE STUDIO DOG ANYTHING. He is unbelievably cute. He will tempt you, but he is on a restricted vet prescribed diet. 


DO NOT ADJUST THE AIR CONDITIONER IN THE HOUSE. Gear runs hot, and summers are hot, but the AC is at that temperature for a reason. 


PICK UP AFTER YOURSELF. It’s just courteous. 

DON’T BE A DICK. Just.. in general. This is the most important rule. Please respect all of the house rules. Otherwise, make yourselves at home!