CONTACT:  Fivethirteen schedules walk throughs before booking new clients unless you are out of state or country. Walk throughs give us an opportunity to chat with you about your project and you an opportunity to meet us and see our space. They also allow us to figure out the most cost effective way to reach your goals. Although we hope that Fivethirteen is the right place for you to make a record, we understand that this isn't always the case. If so, we will happily recommend another studio that we feel would accommodate your needs. Walk throughs take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes and are free of charge. To book a walk through, please contact us below.

Where are we??  We are located in Tempe, Az, which is in 'the greater Phoenix area.' Fivethirteen is in a residential neighborhood, thus we do not disclose our address online. We will provide you with the address personally upon booking a walk through. *Side note: If you google our address, chances are you will end up at Arizona State University's Gammage Auditorium (which is great if you'd like to see a classical performance, but not so great if you'd like to make a record).

Call us.  (480) 788-5709

Mail us something!  New PO box address to follow. 

Email us using the contact form below.